Cortag is focused on developing and perfecting products and solutions, aiming to grant agile and quality work to the construction professional. The main goal is to produce new technologies and invest constantly in innovation and improvements to deliver an efficient and practical product.
With a very technological manufacturing plant, Cortag takes care of the designing, development, manufacturing, quality control, and continuous improvement of its product, sustained by a verticalized production process, where we can manage every step of the manufacturing, granting us the complete control of the final result and the performance of each product.
CORTAG has become a recognized brand, specialized in installation tools and accessories for tile, porcelain, and natural stone. Leader in its native market and strong in the world, CORTAG has an innovative and sustainability concerned development team aiming for the usability and liability of its products.
Noticing the acceptance of its products due to the quality and precisely controlled production process, during its 25 years of business, the company structured itself to attend international markets as well, increasing its product line and refining the processes of the company aiming the improvement of the customer service and the cost-benefit of its products.

Quality Innovation Leadership

Our mission is to develop, produce and commercialize products with quality that are practical and effective for tile installation, establishing great service for the customers, suppliers, employees, and community, generating satisfaction in a sustainable way.

Cortag`s vision is to be a reference in solutions for ceramic and porcelain tile laying and to be among the worldwide leaders in our segment, being recognized as an innovative company committed to the quality of its products and service.

Os values of the company are:

● Leadership: To lead is what drives us and guides our decisions.
●Innovation: It is the base of our entrepreneur spirit, which supports the continuous growth of the company.
● Credibility: We prioritize a good relationship with customers, providers, employees, and community, honoring our ideals and establishing good communication.
● Respect: It is the key to our relations. We recognize the importance of the people in each step of our business.
● Sustainability: We see it as an essential commitment for the permanence of the business.

Integrated Management System Policy

Cortag Indústria e Comércio Ltda.' aims to develop, produce and commercialize solutions for ceramic tile laying, always looking for:
● Business sustainability.
● Human development.
● Protection of employees, providing safe and healthy working conditions, preventing and controlling aggressive agents, especially contact with machines and equipment and inadequate posture.
● Compliance with legal and stakeholder requirements.
●Eliminate hazards and reduce the risks associated with its products and services, relying on the consultation and participation of its employees.
● Protection of the Environment, through the prevention of pollution, rational use of resources and mainly the reduction of waste generation.
● Integrated Management System Continuous improvement.



Cortag is the leader in the segment of Tile Cutters in Brazil, and it is expanding the operations globally. With commercial and distribution offices located in the USA, Peru, and Spain, we can provide quick and great quality customer service all over the world.

Participating in the most important trade shows all over the world, Cortag, as a company, is directly in contact with its customers and partners, presenting the latest solutions and confirming the great performance of all the products.

In 25 years of operations, the company keeps specialized sales and customer service teams attending to its clients in a personalized and agile way in all the markets where it operates.















The company counts with a great and wide line of products to attend the most diverse market demands. Manual and electric tile cutters, tile leveling system, spacers, electric hand tools, accessories for tile installation, manual tools, and much more are part of the complete portfolio of solutions provided by Cortag.

We are incessantly searching for new and better solutions to bring more effectiveness in what relates to cost-benefit.