How to choose the Right Tile Cutter?

How to choose the Right Tile Cutter?

The tools used by those who work with tiles are fundamental for a perfect finishing. As these materials are fragile and at high risk of breaking during handling, we will give you tips on how to choose the ideal tool to enhance your work.


Today you can find manual, electric, or motorized tile cutters. Each type is suitable for a particular job. In addition to the best finish for the job, the use of the correct tool avoids extra expenses and waste of material due to breakage.


Manual Tile Cutters

Manual Tile cutters are ideal for making straight cuts in tiles quickly and without mess. They provide precise cuts with a perfect finish. The cutter must be chosen according to the size and thickness of the piece to be cut.


Cortag's Master Plus line has 5 models of manual cutters, for pieces of up to 15 mm. They have cutting and separation on the same base, facilitating the work progress, since it is not necessary to remove the piece from the cutter to separate it. Their side limiters provide precise straight and diagonal cuts. Providing even more practicality, they have wheels and a handle for easy transportation.


Electric Tile Cutters

Electric tile cutters are ideal for heavier jobs and more difficult cuts, such as pieces made of harder materials, like granite, marble, natural stones, and thicker tiles.


The rotation of the cutting disc of the electric models is very fast, so the handling of these cutters should be cautious. They can be used for straight and angle cuts.


Cortag has fixed and portable electric cutters in its ZAPP line, with diamond cutting blades and cooling system to ensure safety.


How to Choose the Right Tile Cutter

The choice of tile cutter should be made according to the need and demand of the job. Take into consideration whether the equipment must be transported and what type of material will be worked on.


Cortag has several tile cutters. Get to know our products and choose your ideal tool!

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