What is Tiles Leveling System?

What is Tiles Leveling System?

Leveling System is the name given to a set of tools indicated to help in the process of laying ceramic tiles, especially porcelain tiles. It ensures the correct levelling between the pieces and the right distance between them.


It is composed of spacers, wedges, levelling pliers and rubber mallet. The Leveling System is especially important for the laying of large formats, which require extreme precision in the leveling between the edges.


The spacers are positioned just after the floor is laid on mortar, followed by the use of the rubber mallet for complete laying. Next, the wedge is inserted into the spacer opening, and adjusted with levelling pliers, so that the pressure levels the pieces.


It is necessary to pay attention to the moment when the levelers and wedges are removed, because the mortar must be completely dry. The removal must be done by breaking the spacers with a rubber mallet, and they can be swept away at the end of the process. The wedges are reusable, and can be kept for the next job.


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