What is a Levelling Pliers for?

What is a Levelling Pliers for?

Utility of the Levelling Pliers


The levelling pliers is a very wanted tool in the construction industry because it is the ideal tool to lay a porcelain tile floor totally level. It has the purpose of laying the tiles and guaranteeing the levelling between the edges, after being applied on wet mortar.



Simply insert the wedge into the spacer to begin levelling and then complete the adjustment with the help of the levelling pliers. In addition, it can also be useful on ordinary tiles and makes the laying of any floor an even simpler and faster task with extreme practicality.



Adjust the levelling pliers when locking the first piece: screw "A" adjusts the position of the mobile base according to the coating thickness; screw "B" adjusts the maximum pressure limit to adjust the wedge without breaking the levelling spacer. After the adjustment of the pliers, the locking of the other parts will be the same defined in the first adjustment, ensuring a uniform operation from the beginning to the end of the laying.



To insert the wedge and perform the levelling is a very simple activity. Simply insert the wedge into the opening of the base clip and use the trim levelling pliers for clamping and levelling.


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