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Large Format Tile Cutter - INFINITY

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The INFINITY Tile cutter is suitable for cutting larget format ceramic and porcelain tiles up to 8mm (5/16") thick.

  • 3,4m (11 feet) maximum cutting capacity considering the standard 3 guide kit, extendable according the user needs with additional guides;
  • Sliding group with fine adjustment system for a straight and precise cut;
  • 3 Modular guides 1,2m (4 feet) - no pin-guides included;
  • Use the plyers to separate the tile – plyers included;
  • Includes: 3 guides; 1 sliding cutting set; 3 suction cups; 2 pliers; 1 bag for transport.

INFINITY Cutter Rail

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Modular INFINITY rail in anodized aluminum to replace or increase the cutting capacity of the INFINITY Cutter.

INFINITY Handling System

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  • The Cortag Infinity system guarantees the handling of large format tiles with ergonomics and safety both for the professional and the product.
  • It supports up to 150 kg (330 lb)
  • Suction cups equipped with a safety system that indicates loss of suction
  • Double handle system for movement with 4 people
  • Locking thread for system rigidity and stability.

Vacuum Suction Cup

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Suction cup with high suction power for transporting large format porcelain tiles with smooth surfaces. Suction cups equipped with a safety system that indicates loss of suction.

INFINITY Transport System

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  • The Cortag Infinity system provides an outstanding solution for large format tiles. 
  • Safe and stabil handling, quick transportation. 
  • It supports up to 300 kg.
  • Can be used simultaneously with INFINITY handling system.