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Glass and Tablets Cleaner - 1 L

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• Removes different types of spots and watermarks, without leaving residues;

• No rinsing required. Easily removed from surface;

• Contains anti-redepositing agent that prevents new adhesion of dirt to the clean surface;

• Cleans, degreases and restores shine in a single operation;

• High yield.

Application: common glass (windows, doors, car windshields), inserts, blindex, mirrors, stainless steel and elevator panels.

Instructions for use: apply the product in the recommended dilution with the aid of a sprayer or professional glass cleaning equipment. Leave to act for a few seconds. Scrub, if necessary, with a sponge, synthetic glove or LT with light fiber cleaning. Dry with the aid of a glass cleaner or microfiber cloth. Restrictions: N/A. Validity: 24 months.